Bao-Nguyen Doan Arts Studio

Showing Off Contingent Work

These are the Kaitlins and Future Edingers. My of babies of what I am currently working on. 

The beauty of an artist whether on paper or film is alloted the To be or not to be.  To have a work of art to be complete and finished. 

No longer of taxation by any means upon the artist.  [Pronoun] gift from God is [pronoun] talent. 

Talent is not to be spoiled.  There will be peace in Russia and Ukraine again based on lawful bragging rights the conglomeration of having known someone to serve with, [it] taking the time for the war to run its full course upon the world in prescient light-prescient light fading light let there be no plight come to pass.

Sometimes I offer hope based upon my contingent works of art.  It is complete wholesomely finished and the evidence to say it is finished is a bragging comprimise artists alone get to enjoy with potatoes and tomatoes. 

Did you finish your work yet, O Mighty Lord, I will ask the Lord upon my happy death, thanks be to God for St. Joseph, a powerful being next in line to the Mary and Jesus.  Theres the Mary and Joseph. 

Joseph and Christ.  Mary and Christ. 

St. John The Baptist and Jesus.  Zechariah and Elizabeth and Christ...hmm got to put that in painting and art.  This is the talent to be finished by the end of 2024.  In the year 2023 I am just going to set up my portfolio and website to feature my art as an artist.

This page shows off what I currently am working on and the true plan I must embark on just to create works of art in the future.

My goal now is to paint St. Catherine of Bologna and Jesus within margin of St. Catherine Laboure and Mary.

As you may know St. Catherine of Bologna is the Patron Saint of Artists.  So first I gotta go and pay homage, because yes, first I am a Catholic, secondly I am an artist. 

Artists are the leak of tap waters.  And I need prayers against temptations. 

Don't we all?   Yes we are all artists. 

I have much to say of the future before we go to Mars or have a base on the moon.  May everyone reveal, what is in their psalms and not the back of their hands.

That which is not artistry is a sport.  I only have artworks to be contingent of my whole life, so Lord it over my years I am a late bloomer so that you may branch out with what will soon be as I hope the future will be your blessings.

And a gift from God spurns people the future may we all speak of it not of the past or present but daydream and dreams.  Then spam and petition the helloes out of your governmental leaders and authorities.