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    • Lotus Rodriguez
    • Cpt. Stearn
    • Boomerang
    • The Spade

    Meet Lotus Rodriguez

    Meet Lotus Rodriguez! A character design for an animation series that will be on youtube channel someday! Work will be done by me and a animation partner to develop; direct; and produce. Not final! My boss was testing me where I fit in production and let me try out concept painting. By no means and far from it; I am not a good digital painter nor by traditional means. Ability is happiness!

    Meet Cpt. Stearn

    Meet Captain Stearn! A character design for an animation series that will be on youtube channel someday! He is a retired Marine Veteran. I chose that he would be retired from Nato although for me and my partner, boss says its still up for grabs! Retired Marine he must be though, however. The sadness is different depending where and what a marine comes from. Tears show what is inside and for a person who does not cry, maybe they have kept much inside. There is only so much volume water can hold. Its power indisputed. Its quantity inside a glass cup...do you pour out your heart? And start refilling over again?

    Pilot aboard "Boomerang"

    The "Boomerang" is a small ship that when needed joins in an interlock with "The Spade" to give The Spade access to more energy; if indeed on the matter of energy, it allows The Spade better maneuverability for increased piloting by no small means. When locked into, The Spade will travel faster and more agile through waters and ocean.

    "The Spade"

    A very large ship cruiser that is manned by Captain Stearn! For his retirement the United Nations gave him a ship that he could do as he please since in trusted in him so much that his work is never officially done until Captain says so. The UN knows their man. The large ship cruiser is called "The Spade" that succeeds on the ocean for Captain's crew winning them battles and skirmishes whenever needed as a way of life to catch fish and brime men and sea monkeys! When the ship is docked in the middle of the world, everyone goes skinny dipping. Yo, the ship is legit!