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Hang Tight It Will Be Alright! Photo Reproduction Art Print

$40.00 USD / On sale

****This description is very much a work in Progress to be edited

Dear Customer,

You will receive a high quality art print on the best paper only that I could afford on the best printer that left me bankrupt; of one of the most hilarious scenic route taken upon man. I will sign it and number it. I plan to print only 200 of these bad boys.

"Hang tight it will be all-right". My mom got her painting hand in on this too. And it was painted during a private stay with family and relatives, when at the most difficult times I presented my-self-as-a-pain-in-the-butt. So in a bit, I was probably presenting myself as needy, a person that would last until many years in the future. I am fine now, period. And we were all in need of help even of the made up ones. Clearly my life couldn't get any more interesting. I love interest. It may make me profitable or not.

Whatever the kid with the wagon is rushing towards, its only in the city. And he doesn't prefer to walk down hill. He knows its closing time in the city and the midnight Angel will no longer be avail. He's just a kid so "hang tight it will be all-right. Everything, will be....what I last asked?

-Bao-Nguyen Doan
A.K.A Tiem

Shipping: Expect 1-5 Weeks Delivery Time in United States via USPS or UPS.
Printed on good enough paper so you won't have to buy again for some time, unless you really want to then I won't stop that! No, not at all...That is my truthful guarantee! I think it will still add value to the remaining edition sequence if not make it more expensive to own its value through scarcity. Administrative stuff is so very heard. I gotta eat. Then we'll find out how really valuable my art truly is, hi-hi. No refunds given. All sales are final to control my art work and not have to deal with refunds or returns.