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My Third Gatsby Post

Posted by Bao-Nguyen Doan on 2018-07-28
This is my very **third blog post** in Gatsby.

My Second Gatsby Post

Posted by Bao-Nguyen Doan on 2018-07-25
> >This is my very **second blog post** in Gatsby. > >What I'm going to do for Augmented Reality Class Fall 2019 at Orange Coast College. I've been lost before. In every university campus I've ever been to adjusting to the environment is just hard and I miss class especially in the beginning. My first university was a no brainer! I dropped out of SLO because I was a complete moron. It was pathetic. During the first term, I couldn't level up. I couldn't improve after a week or two. I couldn't go to class because I couldn't find it on campus. If I found it, after class I'd not know what to do. I head to my dorm. When it got late I slept. When I awoke next morning, the nightmare began all over again. Where was class located? It got so bad I got locked out of dorm building once overnight and stayed up all night and it gave me literrally Schizophrenia, what I am diagnosed with to this very day. I was a November born 17 year old. Who did not realize the friend that I had was my cousin who I found my way over to his apartment just by getting lost. Yeah! I was young and didn't know I needed help. So physically young that was knowledgeable to ask the question but could not apply the answer given to by the stranger. I must've asked the entire student body of the entire University for some form of assistance. All the while the cash was burning and the PC was low. They didn't mining coins back then. I had no student job. It was martyrdom for which the death or suffering of a martyr was myself. > >So here is what ails me and the quick shortcut to the Golden Elderado. We've all been lost in the Prarie. No different. So why not create an AR app so that when you hold your iphone up to the sun,a digital hand maiden is 7 feet in front of your longitude-latitude with a pair of their own longitude/latitude sneakers. The difference beggeting the digital avatar knows digitally the entire campus. Its room and building locations. The janitors. The HR. The Dean. Your Dorm. The Security. The only thing for the app to do is to show you the way, litterally; while you hold up your phone and follow it. > >So I tested Augmented Review. I was an open beta tester and it was about Augmented projects. So as of Fall 2019 at OCC I am attending an AR class for which there is a new certificate program. Guess what? We have to create our own AR APP and Experience! Gotta hit Super Saiyan! > >Gohan had to increase his level so that his Father Goku could detect the dudes and dudets and incidentally instantly hyperdrive to his son's Gohan's location. Like teleporting only better then Starship Warping. > >For me to get better, I have to change the world and make it a better place for you and me and the entire human race. Its what Michael Jackson would have wanted because Harriet Tubman is my Saint for this College Idea-one and probably many a black folk's saint as well. For the rebel children doomed by war and must find their way through the Forest of Doom to get to the Golden City of Refuge, a map could still lose even a baby boomer. You need navigation and adherence to rememberance! Enter the AR project I will make for the class. Now, I don't know if UCI or some other has done it in their way or my own proposed ideation - already. I am terribly apologetic for copying from Ninjas and the occasional Samaurai. Terribly sorry. I am not defending stealing of ideas. > >Instead I am a Christian Collaborator who changes era's by effecting time changes. That means at least bigger and better if not indifferent-same-unique. Its a process of 7 years for all what was the same to be different. In college it should be acceptable to copy projects. Students and their teams solo or group should at that point merger when they find they are on the same detailed work only at different stages. Its like getting an upgrade dorm room for the college student. It might mean a joint-scholarship even therefore better dividing of the spoils for students and decentralizing College Funds for research. The audit should be easy and not embattled for. Health is not a war. It is a visceral playing sport. Playing football as an elementary student is different then in jr. High. The kids get nastier and bully one another. They fight. Research at the College Education level should abandon themselves when they detect this behavior and in a sense leave the school. However mercifully, life forced me out of my own experience that I was mean and gentle and kind and rude and everything in between as it hangs in dire balance the health of my financial ecosystem. A system I don't even posses. My college system to my persona is an incomplete system. Just like Bruce Lee who's only care in the world was a complete and efficient system. > >I am afraid that other 17 year old college students will have the same problem that I have and get lost and drop out of school. In a way every student experience stuff is always lost and they need the help. The guidance. I would wish to create a digital campus AR/3D created hologram of a Campus Scout. He would be the weblos who shows the cubs or Girl Scout who shows the girl scout how to sow on the sewing machine to make a Christmas Stocking with a cookie inside it to give to those on the streets. Especially if those girl scouts were young and affectionate little 5 year olds. Want to head to the Cafeteria? Type the name of the Cafeteria. "Tigers Den". Click show tour guide. A avatar shows up. You could play; pause; rewind the avatar and their longitude-latitude is updated in real-time. Next, follow Tiger for up and down the campus to where you got to go. > >In effect this is like UCI. When you use your phone to alert you that you've arried to your classroom. I know seriously this can be a big good deal to some who are mentally and physically immature. It happened to me becuase I admit, I was immature. Honestly its not bad when God is apologizing to you for letting it happen to you. God Loves you so much that he wishes you to find and not get lost at the University Level and to help you level up. I believe thats the real common ground of every faculty and student. Where the explorer finds the Gold. Where the walker follows a digitally created iphone hologram because its walking too. They will stop when you need a drink. But they won't stop until you've reached one of the many dorms, specifically yours. They should walk better in the night like a panther, and as long as your phone has batteries, the digital guider who walks a few feet front will be navigationally accurate according to 8 google satelittes in orbit. The good thing about a digital creation is that you can throw a can at it. But your phone might break. ><br> >One way I hope to achieve this idea as a college student is to utilize all my powerful resources. I will even physically attach a tracker and litterally walk to every door on campus the old fashioned way to be fair to other student's class location. I will start with our ART Center building as proof of concept. And complete my five classes schedule this semester. You will "phollow" the digital cat to class once you enter the door upto to the moment you leave the building. If it gets to the point we should ask for enough volunteers to simulate and follow through, recording everything to make development happen. If not our only choice is as always the work of friends. On a large scale this app idea would have helped Black-Afro American Slaves reach north from south if they did not have song or Harriet Tubman. And it seems to me they still do a lot of singing. So as a University student I hope to make the world's campuses a better place. Time is not money. Time is safety. Time was lost.

My Fourth Gatsby Post

Posted by Bao-Nguyen Doan on 2019-08-18
This is my very **fourth blog post** in Gatsby.

My fifth Gatsby Post

Posted by Bao-Nguyen Doan on 2019-08-19
This is my very **fifth blog post** in Gatsby.

My First Gatsby Post

Posted by Bao-Nguyen Doan on 2018-07-28
This is my very **first blog post** in Gatsby. So I as an eternal student in the University System. So I a life long learner. Now I know Universities kick you out of their world for both over and under achievement. These things are truly ornate passions. If you look at every door in this building, I have modeled English tribal unchivalry. The head of my enemies hang on every virtual pike. A set of two just in the entrance of every door. If you left to brush your teeth and expected to ruin your breath waiting on the toaster oven there might be something wrong with either you tooth or the bread. So I just want to follow the trend of artistic creative expression. I still hold to my value that I have the time and patience to do it. With time and systems I am looking into the area of Motion Capture; Virtual Reality; and Augmented Reality. I did not invent these things. I also did not invent life or death nor why Bin Laden's poorly modeled head is one among them, but you have to go the room I designated with his decapitated trophy. This campus is mercifully small actually. When I was falling from my Christian Grace from SLO the campus was big. I wish it were like UCI with an app that notified your direction to the classroom. This campus could be a competition itself as whole. Have you gone driving during Christmas to prowl neighborhoods and see the lights. Wow, look! Red Lights. Blue lights and green. White and yellow lights. The campus could be comprimised every season so that midwives will wear their tennis shoes and come to campus for the tracks. The one with training ideas for their own health will outlive. Hopefully. People with life and health is our hope. Like Bin Laden's head here it may or may not be like so. Lets solve a small problem to change all of this right here on campus. The eyes of the Dean and Presidents are ever so gleeming to see what students do for their campus grounds during special Holidays. My favorite still is Christmas, Tet, and Halloween. Asians did not treat themselves to candy like the Mexican and African American do. The Jews have Jubilee. There is a small problem to the campus environment. Within a 5 year time, Fullerton College had a campus safety problem. I would've been a problem if I were still at SLO. Go fig? That was the onset of my Manic Schizophrenia. Man, right after High School? If you have that and are amongst, "please seek lots of help." My app for this class is to just festivalize this campus and gain the practice of what Christians galvanize their enemies for the chance of ornatement. I don't know where VR or AR or Motion Capture has been. I am not to track commodoties or rural coventry. Like he stole our idea to decorate and go Christmas Lights - House Trip Driving Night. Quick into the Nissan Truck. What I want to do is put Pokemon Visuals installed on your cars just like tinted windows. So you could see lights just in case some houses were or were not poor of that Christmas Spirit. A branch of a Congressional Representative may have dipped into the Elephant Peanut bag too much so the people could always see his home bigger if not better. But for the Senator to decorate a homeless Alley or Bridge, Priceless. Window shopping is fun. Ornaments are so pretty. Going to the Mall to me still beats shopping on Amazon. Especially, if your community is consider under developed. You could be inspired to enthrall your city in decoration. And compete to do so, even. Indeed somebody, I ask and implore somebody to have already done this. After all in the second grade the entire class of servant children were forced to write pen pal letters to somewhere in the Mexicoes. God only knows. Our job now is to reduce footprint and peanut jiff trains for purse and bills. Not a good picture so far. But for this project in class to get the department on some good treads I hope to have a relationship with the Dean of the Department. I was drawn to failure and success. This project is a success if you think the Campus is pretty from now on. It always was. I don't really know, I only was here in the semester before. It is. If, it is not; someone please change the world in prescient light. *I wrote this to fantasize since I need too for a class at Orange Coast College in the Fall of 2019. Intro to Augmented Reality.

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