My Artists Statement

I love animation and I love video games. Choosing to preferably work in games. I'd love to work on fun projects and meet and network and share. Everyone knows what you can do, and that is what I want to do someday. To extend my services. Right now I am not famous at all, lets see if the new years after a new year will promise such a thing before my last undying breath. I'll hope to share my life in Computer Graphics and animation with the Linkedin network I have accrued. I'll try to make everything from hardware to software in my life a shared point of interest in any country or nation.

If you like my work, please consider me a part of your profession. I am very friendly and superbly creative. I just graduated 2014 in December with a B.A of Science in Game Art and Design from Aipod and although I still don't my level of skill I prefer to enter the field of animation with, I rejoice because I was recently (2017) baptized by Baptist Grace Bible Church on top of my Churches Baptism on top of my Roman Catholic Baptism. So I don't have much to complain about. A God to share is what I am worried about.

At all times I wish to demonstrate my joyful duty bound to animation and games and the peoples of a blessed industry with all the talents in the world to cloth the homeless and feed the poor, as I get to it.

My favorite quote is: "Giving alms to the poor my heart grows and keeps me pure."

I am learning all over again to be industry ready (2019) with 3DS Max, Blender, and Maya / Maya LT, Houdini so please contact me just to network by the Grace of God.

3-19-2014 My theology for the pragmatic day may not make sense at all but here goes:

"For artists; For it is Good" "It is good that artists see the work of other artists, and not deny their desire to emulate. What we fear we must become! Survival from physical harm is a different dimension from survival of the spirit! It never crosses, but Children will."

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