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Hello my full name is Bao-Nguyen Doan. I was borne in November 29th 1981. I am always on a religious journey and was medically diagnosed with Manic Schizophrenia at around the age of 18.  My life is and has been in need of great prayer.  

Since I was a little boy, I had a kidney infection.  Bags of vomit.  Plain Burgers.  Doctor checkups and Blood taking.  My urine when I was home had to be checked by a paper stick and compared to a bottle which color it magically revealed.   Years later, I had my first schizophrenic manic episode.  Dropped out of college after only a couple months in.  Quite the spoiler.  Eventually I would go on to surgery.  No more appendix.  Later.  No more gall bladder.  I  have a scar that is magically healing.   Whats freaky is I want to keep my scars because they would look cool If and when I also have a hot Bod-dy. I am afraid I will have nothing to count on when the scar heals itself and disappears.  I won't have proof or something cool if the scar goes away.  Darn!   At least give me my dignity.  Just this one scar God!  Its my ticket into paradise!  I am also born with minor physical disabilities that prevent me most.  I am very insecure still.  But I still love animation, videogames, movies, and sports and music.  I am not the physical type as I were when a kid in the neighborhood playing sports on the street with my old childhood friends.  I miss those days.  I am a pure heart of vengeance that only lives to save my neighbors and best friends.  Let wisdom tell us how long and how far to live.  

So here it is Mr. Architect man, my random autobiograph for your beginning of "Edinger."  A state of the art.

I am of Vietnamese ethnicity and American born citizen. 

I mean both of my parents come from Tuy Hoa, but I was born in Orange County. Even simpler, my oldest brother was born in L.A, the bigger Angel brother to Anaheim the littler Angel.  Where I live now.  Above 40 and alive, greatly living with parents who do not need to work, because they are retired.  No, now they need someone to take care of them in return with word and deed.  My dreams to create art after carefull thought.  I wish to fully represent my self as an artist putting my best art forward.  With the money from my art, I wish to return and provide my elderly parents as they have done for me.  Let's do this.  Art...make me some money!

Art and its pieces of rebelion.  Such as getting better at global warming the more we create its things of the earthly images.  Humans can learn! Surround them.  Surround your art.  I care about global warming too.  Where on earth do we get jobs saving the earth is that search for an infinite loop.  I am biased towards the going green.  I plan to create much content to extol global warming.  Work and liesure rests in peace and money daily thought of and planned for.  If you roar loud enough it becomes the only thing heard in the village and all the forest would submit its economy.  A new generation of spirit is needed!  I have my art and its all I have to talk with people, where I choose to warn people.  To aid them with my art and universal message:  

"We haven't got much. Time!  Quickly now.  We have to go.  Hurry!"

Why I am motivated to make art whether the new hip trend of AI or the classic way of getting dirty with paints?  How about both?

We make the heavenly images just to understand it.  Its that simple.  After days and years, we have to wait for our saints to tell us about God.  Artists I guess you can say are next in line from saints with the reponsibility to embolden whomever has eyes to see.  We explain things.  So by Baptists its still not acceptable to create an image of Heaven.  That should not stop the images of Earth.  So my question is God Stoic and unmoveable when he sets his own heavenly mind. Does our relationship with God after all these years change to accomodate the failings and success of human dignity through the ages.   He does so become merciful to us just because of his son. We are his most beloved creations.  The things we make are equal and less than. We write lyrics to a song and allow ourselves to recreate visuals in our minds.  We then feel and become possessed.  God is perhaps weary of the possesion and afraid, or is God ever experiencing human emotions like fear. 

If one suffers fears, one must ask God to deliver him from fear and ponder whether or not God is feeling it too.   So I am always careful of my imagery.  I know the damage first hand, I am not a fan of horror films, scares the f* out of me.  So I have schizophrenia by the way.  In my past uptill like last week, I'd watch adult material on my Iphone...  I am weak.  But make art because its better to do so.  You're kidding me right?  Nope.  I'm the whole package.  I have an Aunt who is a nun.  I went to confession and told the priest there, many moons ago, but still continued (cough - Cough*).  I've had a neighbor and cousins, and best friends where we've seen a few minutes or two together.  (Although not all at once)  Its unglorious for me to say, but the glory that my Brother Quoc is someone who has not fallen to such material.  God gave me a man I can try to create imagery after.  My older brother is always my subject of approval.  I deserve nothing in this world but to make my brother and his friends, my neighbors and cousins and my best friend happy.  Because I could not even save myself from Schizophrenia.  I've always been honest though.  I am tough about honesty.  Its what I derive my honor from.  How can I derive honor from someone else?  When I've dishonored myself and my best friend and cousins and neighbors.  As you can say, the best advice is to continue making art.  Just create something.  I am nuts!  

I have nothing but to offer my brother and dad up to God.  Yes, make an offering not food for the Eagles.  But offering my own flesh and blood.  Mom and me are alright.  We've gone to Church 1+ points then the other half.  A record keeping that cannot be broken.  Half the family is rich.  The other half of the family is poor.  This is why you have brothers and sisters.  To love God this many.

I love America! 

I love religion: Christian, Judaism, Buddhism, etc,  I love politics and technology.  I want y'all to sit in a tree and kissing each other! 

I would run for Presidency have I not be Vietnamese.  Going into my life years later, I've loved animation and video games and art painting.  I wish for us all to be under the castle of St. Joseph.  May he provide a home for me. 

So I hope you enjoy and find me and my artwork at the comfort of your crib, its final destination, the establishment and the piggy bank. Its all I can do.  Make art for you. I write to tell you the feeling you must feel as dictated per word but only when reading my prose when you see my art works.

I am a failure of Kekeibo the unique artform of emotional adherence to economy.

However so, thank you for being full of brokenhearts so much enough to buy a print or twooooooo^3. I don't have a major thesis that locks me down into what kind of art I make.  Maybe?  But as an artist his whole life works to verge in one style.  At the beginning I'll have subject matter left and right.  I plan on changing this.  I only want to paint global warming themes, the voice of an art movement must be heard.  Gold must be hoarded to save her and all that she loves in return.   

But when I look at the painting I realize hey the kid is going somewhere.  He's going into the city through a tunnel on the hill on something that might not suvive if it crash landed.

I love the tapestry of being a mysterious artist noone has ever heard of. I've been a person who has hidden away at any chance authority the run of the mill.

But now I need to eat.  But now I am old.

If I am famous enough, I will start to give to charity in lump sums.  I promise. 

But for now, let me strike fear into your minds, with all my visuals.  Prepare to vie.

I have a B.A. already and as of 2023 still going backwards to pursue an A.A. in Film hence my whim and breadth of berevity.  I also like poetry and writing my own lyrics - countless words before the wisdom we all serve honor to God Christendom. I have Schizophrenia but make art.

Antipithony of Anthony is never fake money.  Borromeo and Gertrude.  Corinthians.  And so little of Deuteronomy. I have Schizophrenia but make art.

Matur Unum Deo Grati[z] and I pray for you too to be a sprout not of this world where New ideas is in every sentence as stupid as it sounds.  I need not fear or sweat the small stuff.  Embarrasment, shame, and sin are all one authority. 

But.  When world, I have money, I'll buy some of your stuff too...but only if you buy my stuff first.   Forgive me for my quest-sidelined. But its a race now for all artists to compete for the hand of the fair earth maiden, a virgin who never lied, saw porn, and still holds the record for jobs, there is only but one line of work.  Global Warming is a structural thesis for architects that must be tempered on paper before anything else is forged by iron.

Thank you and come again!

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