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About Bio

Hello my full name is Bao-Nguyen Doan. IF I become rich I won't have to worry about identity theft per se as long as everyone is secured - one by one until the entire farmed countryside and city knows of my name.  I was borne in November 29th 1981. 

So here it is Mr. Architect man, my random autobiography for your beginning of "Edinger."  A state of the art.

I am of Vietnamese but American nationality. Can I really ask that question? 

I mean both of my parents come from Tuy Hoa, but I was born in Orange County. Even simpler, my oldest brother was born in L.A, the bigger Angel brother to Anaheim the littler Angel. 

I love to be formal and proper, that I've never been.  My brother is like the extrovert; but yes, he's still very introverted. 

I love America! 

I love religion: Christian, Judaism, Buddhism, etc,  I love politics and technology.  I want y'all to sit in a tree and kissing each other! 

I would run for Presidency have I not be Vietnamese.  Going into my life years later, I've loved animation and video games and art painting. 

So I hope you enjoy and find me and my artwork at the comfort of your home, its final destination, the establishment and the piggy bank.  I write to tell you the feeling you must feel as dictated per word but only when reading my prose.

I am so proud of Santa Clause and Mrs. Santa Clause as well as their conquering ocd land (Orange County Disney Land).  I venture before and still do into online selling on Ebay and Mercari.  (and don't forget the elves.)

Spoiler alert* 

I manage money poorly.  And am in College debt after deciding to leech myself to what ends - collegian produces a pure heart.

From age 15 technically an American is poised to earn the  rest of his life some form factor of 30k.  Theres no dent in my wallet and I am old, now for fig.

From then on let eccentricity rule the world with its electricity-technology.  Lose the money if you can but only by its place in line.

Aren't we all?  I still sell nomenclature items around my home that have caused me credit card debt and I shamefully lose the money I risked had I not purchased it all because I am a failure of Kekeibo the unique artform of emotional adherence to economy with humane just enough to make a dent in only mine own economical situation - luckily I didact myself out of evl like all leaves who turn a new leaf.

My sin and whats wrong with this picture is I obviously am not too keen on the 10 commandments, but aren't we all?  Aren't we all at fault for not loving God more then - Lovin' life.

SO fearless that I am.  Not even a small tattoo one on my not yet petrified biceps. 

My artworks are carefully drafted with my lifes story.  You'll only know about me from the outside if you plan on buying my art then you might just learn a little about moi. 

However so, thank you for being full of brokenhearts so much enough to buy a print or twooooooo^3. I don't have a major thesis that locks me down into what kind of art I make. 

IF gullible-enter college.  IF needy - I like to explore art and works. 

In time that answer is a number also belonging to  the equation.  Any answer you subsequently come about is just another variable.

The variable is an indistinguishable answer to another notation of the same sigma.  All values are stand alone. 

One number and how many formulas have been applied to get to it?  What if you don't use to get?

This pleases me to make what I've done.  Authority just pisses me off.

But when I look at the painting I realize hey the kid is going somewhere.  He's going into the city through a tunnel on the hill on something that might not suvive if it crash landed.

I love the tapestry of being a mysterious artist noone has ever heard of. I've been a person who has hidden away at any chance authority the run of the mill.

But now I need to eat.  But now I am old.

If I am famous enough, I will start to give to charity in lump sums.  I promise. 

But for now, let me strike fear into your minds, with all my visuals.  Prepare to vie.

I have a B.A. already and as of 2023 still going backwards to pursue an A.A. in Film hence my whim and breadth of berevity.  I also like poetry and writing my own lyrics - countless words before the wisdom we all serve honor to God Christendom. 

Antipithony of Anthony is fake money.  Borromeo and Gertrude. 

Doesn't everyone?  So if you love my visuals and it speaks to you, consider purchasing or even better if you own Doge cryptocurrency please donate as a tip for "words well done with Barbeque sauce, please." 

Matur Unum Deo Grati[z] and I pray for you too to be a sprout not of this world or anything in it or so my Priests have blessed me with.   So I can write on and on without rythm and pattern in a single prose because in truth I person remembers only once and is depended upon to take the sword and to throw it into the middle of the lake with eccentricity.  

Only stupid if have to read the writing twice.  So I depend on the person who reads once and stylistically viceroys liasons to ask what the hell did he write, hes just rambling with not a single stop point.

True writing does not repeat.  New idea every sentence as stupid as it sounds. 

Thanks a million sympaticos and muy bien bonitas.  Asi aqui. 

It is my dream to have an army protecting my nation and peace for wide world intrinsic into every mushroom palette.

When I have money, I'll buy some of your stuff too...but only if you buy my stuff first.   Forgive me for my quest-sidelined. 

Tap 2: "Cha-me."  There is still just too much to learn about our "Great lord", "one of me." Thank you for listening to my Bio and the story of palabras about my artwork. 

Thank you and come again!

Doge to donate:


I promise to buy you all 3D printers so that when the true President returns, it may never, ever happen again or at least you'll be ready with the mop and bucket to (be) clean for your eldest so he may think himself out of deployment and you would yourself at last answer the true last question of any world war IV. V I V I  I V.  Gengi and Darpa.  Although I hate darpa almost as much as I hate the U.N. 

I love the truth when in poor times, only three things must be done and to take advantage of retrospect introspection.   Ability there awaits tomorrow. 

When we've learnt our lesson not a moment too soon.  So can you glamourize..."Edinger"?  Let the next author be the one.